Recycle and Release Pent Up Guilt: How to Use Negativity in a Creative Fashion

Gotta love it; a wonderful art blog...
Was up at 6:00 a.m. yesterday morning and found myself happily perusing and reading the New York times online with my first warm doses of green tea (two tall cups)... p.s. there are no local daily newspapers where I am, right now. But never mind, because NYT located a fascinating online exhibit, seemingly just for me. The idea for this fabulous little (big) collection of blog art seems like so many of the fresh ideas we all seemed to generate in endless quantities as students in art school. Perhaps the blogger is an art student. Or simply an inspired thinker. As well, and oddly enough, I have been using the blogger format (albeit via pen name) as a carthartic means to register my own seemingly endless (whiny?) complaints and general unhappiness with the state of the uncivilized world in which I presently find myself. Under these circumstances, I found the premise for this blog piece to be rather brilliant. The format is much more imaginative, less self indulgent and infinitely more inclusive and constructive than anything I have been doing. A creative and perhaps coincidental message from the universe? Well in any case, nice. Very nice.

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