From Afar: Listening and Observing

A few things that have crossed my mind lately…

At long last, a reprieve of sorts arrives here, in the choking dry spell of massive cultural void, continuously (relentlessly) existent in this place where I find myself for the moment in far, far northern California. Well, a little of the respite --- to be unhyperbolically accurate --- is actually located in far, far southwestern Oregon, but given the circumstances, call it either way: that’s close enough. An art exhibit, which will continue at Southern Oregon University through December, entitled Landscape: Theme and Variation fills my calendar with hope. Among the fascinating dramatis personae of exhibitors are the ever-alluring artists Helen and Newton Harrison. Definitely something to see and to reflect upon… particularly given the fixation in these parts with flora and fauna as fundamental vessels of art. I have always said that while I thoroughly enjoy being in and hiking through pristine landscapes, I haven’t ever had too great a creative motivation or desire to reproduce those particular climes in an artistic context, except as photography or video subject matter. It is, nevertheless, fascinating to me to understand, perhaps even capture and communicate how it feels to be in such environments, thus my fondness for abstract expressionism.

And on to another nonsequitur:

Ever been the object of schadenfreude? I have. No so much fun really. But then again, not so awful either; certainly a life affirming, character building experience in any case. After all, it occurs to me that perhaps being the object of schadenfreude is most likely something a person cannot control, even if she inadvertently brought herself into that particular territory in the first place. Sometimes we get to the place we need/ought to be without ever having been aware of the ticket we surely must have purchased to get there (or, for that matter, the cost of the ticket), never mind the unexpected travails of the journey itself. Yet, here we are. And with a great deal of reflection here too, as I move through the tenderness, the slippery slopes and enter the welcoming realm of change…

On a closing note…

In the alleyways of my mind lingers the Beck Guero, which is brilliant, as always. One has to love the Broken Drum Remix by Boards of Canada.

Here’s to expectations: ching ching.

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