Go To Helen Waite
The name of the supervisor in the customer service department for nearly every American company these days is Helen Waite.

Is that why everybody has become so rude? Behaving so harshly toward one another and to themselves as well? Has it become a self esteem issue? Arrogance has emerged as the best defense mechanism?

Seems like everybody talks way, way too much these days. There was a time when artists were not articulate and spoke best via the artwork. Then came the era of conceptualism and criticism and thus the requirement that all beings --- be they creative or not --- must possess the ability to concisely express thoughts and feeling verbally. (Of course, then we all rediscovered the enormous shortcomings and lack of parity in spoken/written languages).

Well, as we all recklessly exercise our first amendment right to free speech, it is interesting to read a myriad of expressed opinions in the
New York Times Arts forums. Perhaps to read and then to add a voice to the clamor? (But first, to learn just a tad of basic grammar and even how to spell, a little bit?)…

Ah, sometimes the beauty of absolutely pure silence is the greatest luxury of all, Helen. And so I will continue to waite.

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