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Screaming Pretties

My undying love affair with northern California’s wild irises has been once again renewed, albeit accidentally. With focus deeply locked into a diversity of other pressing personal and business issues, I completely forgot to anticipate what is usually a quiet, slow and furtive annual eruption of the wild flowers, particularly irises, in this neck of the woods. However, with the abundant rainfall which has been deposited in the northstate over the past winter and spring, “slow and furtive” are hardly appropriate adjectives for this season’s wildflower renewals.

All of a sudden and without much of the usual adieu, the wild irises are now everywhere in the Peanut area this May! In places where these little beauties usually shyly emerge, poking forth with tender, carefully placed little sprouts, this year these diminutive pretties have screamed into place without a second thought (as if these gorgeous blooms, these precious and fragile bulbs, as if they ever had more than a fleeting glimmer of aptitude anyway).

In seasons past, the deepest purples have come first, with their heartiness and bravado paving the way for the bashful yellows and cream-colored blossoms. This year, however, it seems that all varieties are daring to burst forth, without so much as a care for the potential harsh environs and the climatic sensitivity, which might ultimately prevent an iris from thriving.

Still, despite hectic schedules and other diversions and demands we must take the time to stop and look. Take a moment to celebrate their annual embryonic materialization and hasty outburst. It is one of the season’s quiet events that should be appreciated and certainly not overlooked.

Ching ching to the halting arrival of the 2006 season’s wild irises!


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