Aloe / Volvo / and looking ahead:
saying goodbye
and hello
and discussing what’s up


A Budding Future...
Among the many new and unusual things in our lives, we have an aloe garden in our new backyard. And the plants are happily, heartily thriving. For some time now, we have watched as two of the most unusual buds have emerged; it appears our aloe garden will present us with flowers for the holidays!


Aside from never having witnessed a rosemary plant flower until a few months ago (also a “perk” of the gorgeous southern Arizona climate) this beautiful gift from our aloe garden will probably surpass any holiday present we might receive this year. We patiently and curiously await these gradually emerging blossoms and will surely photograph the metamorphosis endlessly, with the results to be passed on for your inspection/observation and pleasure.


Things change, stay the same...
After nearly 30 years of ownership, I bade a fond (and perhaps slightly tearful?) farewell to a precious girlfriend yesterday afternoon: my 1965 Volvo 122S (also known as a “junker” according to my Mom).


Happily, in its’ ownership change, my dear old classic car has gone on to reside with a local sculptor,
Nicholas Lowell Burke who loves it as much as Steve and I do. So perhaps we can presume that it will stay in Tucson or at least in loving hands. Ahhh yes, I learned to drive stick shift in San Francisco in this beautiful little car and she has been near and dear to me for quite some time. My husband completely restored her when we lived on 27th Street (Noe Valley) in San Francisco. However, most recently our love affair (among the “she” Volvo and I) has been only of the nostalgic kind; in more practical terms she was, out of necessity, unceremoniously replaced by an SUV which has served me exceptionally well in all the demanding terrestrial arenas of far northern California. Except the politically correct ones. After all, for 16 years, I actually did have to ford a creek twice daily, simply to get into town.

Now that we are in Arizona, I find myself eyeing smaller versions of a utility vehicle, although with some reserve, since witnessing the vast flooding of the Este Wash (which is located on our new desert property on the very far east side of town) during last summer’s monsoon season here. Who knows? I may still need the heft, height and muscle of a four wheel drive from time to time.


All the same, it seems that I will always need to drive something pretty albeit functional and of course, something that I love.

Of Note...
Thinking about 2007?
I have; suppose we all have.
a little something I posted on Barry’s Blog of WESTAF not long ago.
If you are working in the arts, listen up!


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alfred ramos said...

enjoy your postings and have to agree with what you wrote on Barry's blog too

alicia said...

I have grow aloe for years. You will be pleased with the blossoms, but must be patient. It is a slow blossoming plant. Good luck and keep writing!

kristin kayye said...

Such beautiful plant the aloe vera. I have not seen one in bloom. Will hope that you will follow up with more pictures. Glad you are happy in Arizona. - Kristin

a collector said...

Those volvos are certainly not junkers... yours looks like a beaut!
Hope the new guy loves it as much as you did. Wish you had another one for me.

david said...

Do you use your aloe vera for sunburns in Arizona? Aloes are very curative in many different ways. I hope yours are useful and beautiful for you.

the opinionater said...

I couldn't agree more! We all need to speak up and express ourselves in the new year,and now too. It has been too quiet for too long -- and too many terrible things have happened in our silence.