About My Doggy-Puss
Recently we discovered that our dear old dog Beatrix Grace (Trixie, to you) has come down with some sort of respiratory distress. The vets in Arizona with whom we have consulted theorize that her condition may be a local blight known as Valley Fever, wherein fungal spores which live in the desert sand are inhaled and then subsequently begin to take up residence and thrive in the lungs. Though not contagious, this dastardly fungus can occur in pets and in people. Knowing very little about it, we have recently learned that the disease is a bit like tuberculosis in that, if left untreated it will go on to manifest itself in other parts of the body and then become an unpleasant lifelong affliction and a likely cause of some sort of painful demise.

When Trix came to live with us some 8 or so years ago, she was already full grown and had to take up residence with several other very spoiled and territorial cats. Each feline had its' own quirks, demands and attitudes in our household. All the same, Trixie Grace found her way in to each one's mind and heart, just as she has secured a place in ours. Her socializing success was remarkable and we all came to love her deeply. She did so, I hypothesize, but imagining herself to be secretly, a cat.

Today I watched a
video on Yahoo, called The Dog Who Was A Cat Inside which reminded me of my Trix and her continuing essential relationship with us. A fun little video vignette directed by Siri Melchior. Let us all hope that our dear Beatrix will recover from her illness, even as she ages (now having arrived at 12 years). Try as we might to be realistic, it is very hard to think of her as elderly and more difficult yet to imagine life without her. So, here's to canine longevity and sustained good health; a votre sante, Miz Trixus!



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parker said...

great video... lots of metaphors too.
hoe your pretty dog will get well.

anthony j said...

Those pictures weren't taken in the desert were they?
PS: I enjoyed the little video short.

Martha Baker said...

My dog thinks she is a cat as well. And the vidoe has all sorts of other overtones. BTW, how big is your dog? Looks like a Mastiff or something akin to that breed. If she is 12 years old, then she is quite probably in her "elderly years" as you say.

sfmichel said...

Loved watching the video animation... it is cool stuff. Let us all wish your Trixie well. She's a great dog!

tyler said...

liked it
like your dog too