Creativity Across La Langues: Les Branches Brise

J'adore this guy...
Even if you ne parles pas Francais, this web site is amusing and tres fun to explore.
Happy surfing!


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annie waters said...

C'est vrai! Quite fun. I hope others go and see for themselves. Thank you for this web tip.

josephina said...

I love to read your blog. I like this website too, even tho I don't speak french - the pics are funny. :)

Maverick said...

Thank you. I needed that today.
The face alone is enuf to make me laugh.

Timothy L. said...

Very funny. I like looking at the site even though I can't read the text.

cody in kansas said...

Love your blog. This is a great URL. I really thought it was amusing.

Anthony Parva said...

What a fabulous and creative web site. I too, adore "this guy"!

henry said...

great web site. and i like your blog too.