More Simple Beauty
Minimalism seems to have acquired a new and evolved meaning in these complex days and times.

A sample of some newfound (old) art that seems entirely in keeping with thoughts of space, time and infinity, now that science has entered the consciousness of the arts in a serious way. A mixture of religion and nature, reflected in stunning and simple images which take the viewer back to basics.

At Peter Blum in Soho, Yayoi Kusama’s prints are lovely images which reflect upon the entire spectrum of contemporary meaning.

Very Zen.


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sfmichel said...

i have seen this work at Peter Blum and it is very simple and beautiful. Spiritual I would say.
Simple images to calm the craziness in this world.

kate said...

Isn't it wonderful that minimalism has returned to the forefront of the art world's thinking?

Jon said...

I enjoy reading your blog. These images are stunning.

Libby Nelson said...

Have seen this work in nyc. Beautiful.

Donna P. said...

Collectively, we need the relief and calm found in images such as these are. In times of such unrest, simple beauty is to be cherished. I love your blog.