Sky Scribbling

A little visual ditty made to post on wearetheweather. However, for some techno mysterious reason, the slides could not be uploaded to the Word Press blog format, so instead they have been posted here.


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Bryant Thompson (nyc) said...

I looked at the We Are The Weather web site and it is interesting. Looks as if it is put together by art students, though. Interesting too what they appear to be teaching in Arizona (at the university?). Progressive thinking, to be sure.

PatAttar and Beca Wilson said...

Cool fotos! The wires in the sky do look distinctively like writing or scribbling or drawing. So nice.
BTW, I sooo enjoy reading your blog and I'm always interested in what you have to say and also all of the hyoerlinks that are included. I went to wearetheweather and it was quite interesting to browse.
Remember us from your San Francisco workshop?

Jeff Norton said...

I agree Word Press can be difficult to use. The HTML sucks.

Jeff Norton said...

And Yeah, (forgot to mention) I also like your photos and like your blog, as well.

Willis said...

Love the slideshows.