Whiskey River by John Dempcy

Oh So Briefly

Have been intending to post a little something on the scribbles blog, as there is so much happening in the world of Tucson art these days. However, because there is so much happening in the world of Tucson art these days, it stands to reason, I suppose you could say, that I have had much less time to write than I would like. With happy conditions like these, you’ll not hear me complaining, even as I squeeze in a simple commentary today.

Last weekend, I attended a lovely reception at Conrad Wilde Gallery on 4th Avenue in Tucson. That is Tucson, Arizona. Yes, the dusty old cow town gone somewhat urbane, perhaps while we were all preoccupied on the coasts, probably thinking that sophistication exists only there. Time to rethink.

The evening was warm, mild and pleasant. And, as always, the gallery space itself was/is attractive; the art work equally as gorgeous. A group show of fascinating design works by John Dempcy, Miles Conrad, Eileen Goldenberg and Robert Moya filled the front exhibition space. The works are all exquisite. Each series of works was a pleasure to examine, accomplished with an eye for color, composition and intriguing use of the unusual mediums.Well executed in every possible way.

Untitled image by Miles Conrad
Because we are so busy with the renovation of our own Tucson studio, just this once I will ask you to do more work than a reader probably should be required to do... and I will sincerely hope that you’ll take the time to visit the various hyperlinks included in my short preceding prose, to learn more about these wonderful artists and their amazing work.
Nevertheless, I couldn’t let time pass by without making, if only very briefly, a commentary, as the artwork and the gallery are definitely to be recognized, visited when you are in Tucson and placed on your list of important contemporary arts venues.
Photos courtesy Conrad Wilde Gallery


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deb said...

Enjoyed this post... and have visited the links. Great work by these folks. Many artists in Tucson... many amazing artists in Tucson. Thanks for the gallery tip.

gary said...

As usual, awesome. Love your blog!

ViolaViolet said...

Awesome art. I love your blog!

Paulina said...

It is fine to ask the reader to do some work. Since when is an audience supposed to sit back and be simply spoon fed? I visited the links on th various artists in this show and they all look fantastic. Thank you for giving us so much godd info to read about. I always am pleased to read new postings on your blog.

SF Twins said...

More great ideas for the desert. Thanks for keeping us posted.