Notes to Self
Digging through a lifetime of notes and drawings and boxes full of miscellaneous things stacked high in my Tucson studio, I have lately had an opportunity to review many, many experiences and take a walk down the proverbial memory lane as I shuffle, reorganize and purge. Being an older human nowadays, I find that the stuff of personal history and portfolios, rapidly amasses without any prior warning.

Repeatedly, I am astounded at how much work (research, development, planning) I did for the school districts in northern California; work which although nearly always had an element of personal fulfillment, certainly enriched others more than it ever lined my pockets. Amazing what we will perform and accomplish in the name of art, community and academia. Ah yes, the greater good.

Here’s something that I liked and wanted to remember in my notes; I recall that it created quite a stir when it came out in 2001.
David Hockney / Secret Knowledge / Camera Obscura

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