Milkmaid J. Vermeer 1658-1660

That Endless List of Mine: Things I Want To Remember
A few timely items of note...

Noteworthy accumulation to that endless list of things to remember are the following items which seem to have silently and invisibly collected on my plate without my noticing, until today. For your consideration, here is the latest glom of congestion... new and fascinating stuff:

New word Français to be memorized (and used appropriately, which sadly in my world might be a tad too often): péquenaud(e) (payk-no, payk-nowd) noun: (pejorative) redneck, hick.

Point in fact: An exact likeness is not art. The arrival of the digital camera on the scene makes the whole argument even less interesting. That said, there is definitely a book to be read and added to my own collection of theories that making a successful copy of something, in order to make it look real is NOT the objective of an artist, a painter, let alone the objective of an art maker:
read last Sunday’s NYT Book Review and/or maybe even read (and buy?) the book, itself. The Forger’s Spell, A True Story of Vermeer, Nazis, and the Greatest Art Hoax of the Twentieth Century, by Edward Dolnick.

Please, stop it! Kudos to the wacky group of judges (my faves are Nigel Lithgoe and
Mia Michaels) on the television program on Fox,
So You Think You Can Dance for cutting contestants who can back flip, cartwheel and leap all over the place, but have yet to learn the basics of dance. Here’s to busting trickery, calling it out for what it is and reinforcing the idea that special effects do not a good film make. Was thinking about this today while working on a watercolor painting and invoking way too many “tricks” to achieve annoying, yet popular effects on my very own aquarelle.

Why is everyone so easily impressed?

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