Reflecting / Rejuvenating / Regrouping: Rich Manifestations du Printemps
For so many different reasons, the spring season of 2008 escaped me, almost. And that was rather sad, as I regularly relish the turning of the seasons and being directly immersed in the myriad of understated transformations as each one emerges.

How is it that working in the world of art can actually strangle and restrict one’s facilities for creativity? Something about the converging of so many and various stress factors, methinks.

All the same, I pass our “devil tree” early every morning on my long walks out into the desert and so could not help but notice its’ blossoms in April. Amazing, fragrant, rich and creamy displays. And even among the most demanding circumstances of my unconventional life, I manage to keep a few cameras at hand in my various workspaces, thus allowing the capture of these particular images which I would like to share with you.

Springtime in the desert is subtle and yet brash; in the Sonoran desert this season produces some of the most fabulous and remarkable flora and fauna. We call it the “devil tree” only because this Yucca tree possesses two prongs and in its’ most recent biennial display, sent forth two humongous plumes of remarkable blossoms.

Now finally, I have a chance to go through the images and to present a few for your examination.

There has been so much written regarding the impossibility of combining the business aspects and the production of art into one occupation; about the adversarial relationships inherent in the two activities. The ultimate conundrum; dealer versus maker. That is the issue which I will ponder as the summer passes and as I continue to be a maker, while taking a sabbatical from the actions of dealing.

Will the “devil tree” remind me to continue to try and resolve this puzzle, as the summer of 2008 passes?

Dealer versus maker. I have to wonder if I have recently lived the reality and perhaps have inadvertently reinvented that time worn, yet distinctive wheel, once again? Despite the obvious, I suppose there are times when one actually has to put one’s hand in the flame in order to truly know the burn.

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