Nothing Too Intense

It is time for an update to the blogs. Actually an update is long overdue. And yet I sit idle and without inspiration. Speaking freely, talking out loud and proclaiming one’s ideas seems entirely out of place.

Artists, creative thinkers and innovative citizens should be loudly commenting; spelling out the future. All the same I find that I am essentially mute. Stopped and in awe. Perhaps it could be seen as a sort of psycho-social paralysis. The world seems to be crumbling all around us; financially and ethically we all seem lost.

Yet in the face of this extraordinary chaos, I feel virtually unmotivated to do more than hope for the best, to withdraw and protect my own little world from further damage. Sitting quietly, observing the world at large and making simple motions which closely jive with my personal values are the only appropriate gestures for the time being.

Loud, annoying public actions seem almost dangerous in this unstable political climate. And so dear readers, I wish you peace, clarity of mind and safety in all that you do, while posting a few favorite photographs from the file. In this instance, art is a warm, fattening indulgence. Simple beauty and visual intensity is quietly offered to augment solace and comfort. Let’s survive and live to fight another day.

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