Traffic and Change

Yes…we thought there had been a lot of flurry and frenzy lately, out on the back porch; very often ducking many low flying creatures whenever we sat in the Adirondacks. And come to find out, we were quite right.

Apart from fending off those crazy woodpeckers who continually threatened to nest in the ceiling fan over the seating area (which has since been removed, because it was ugly and pointless however and not because the woodpeckers drove us to do it), we were apparently distracted from a much quieter activity in the lower stratus of the porch’s long backside stretch along the entire length of our home. The quails, our friends since we arrived in Arizona, were gently nesting in the thick brush of the terracotta rosemary pot and laying those lovely (delicious) small, spotted eggs under the rosemary’s fragrant umbrella.

Imagine that the first scent you experience upon entering this world is the pleasant fragrance of fresh rosemary. Already your life is off to an amazing start!

When we discovered seven eggs tucked carefully away in the pot this week, I voted noisily for an immediate omelet but suffered defeat to a louder and more convincing chorus from others who wish to see the process unfold as these spotted progeny morph from their present shelled form into little bird/quails.

So the rosemary pot has been moved to the other side of the pool, near the oleander and under the sprawling Palo Verde trees, where momma and poppa quail can tend to the needs of their little ones without too much other interference.

Meanwhile, I have a new, giant, ochre ceramic container and fresh-from-the-nursery, tender young rosemary plants growing on the back porch, in place of that old terracotta pot from California.

All is well.

To be continued….

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