Her Screaming Light

So a few weeks ago we were having breakfast outside on the back porch when my husband said to me, “Look at the blooms on the organ pipe cactus... have you seen them?”

Usually, I am the one who announces changes in the garden and in the wildlife around us, so I was a bit surprised to have missed this latest transformation, particularly when I focused on exactly what he was describing. The organ pipe cactus in our garden had blossomed. And it was not a subtle materialization.

The flower head of our organ pipe cactus was like a massive satellite dish, nearly dwarfing its’ host/mother plant in comparison; a strange proportion, screaming to the elements of nature for attention and no doubt for immediate and adequate fertilization. (Sassy, yet dazzlingly gorgeous emergent girl, the likes of which my mother would have been mortified to meet, back in the stone ages when I was a teenager... definitely not the image that a respectable young lady was/is expected to depict). And yet this new cactus flower was magnificent, this mouthy lady bloom with her huge featherlike petals and well exposed inner flower parts.

As spring and now summer continue to unfold in our new desert home, we see evermore amazing phenomena that astonish and fascinate. Besides the fact that everything has thorns, each new plant/creature also seems to boast other unusual features which are somehow majestically exaggerated to ensure the species survival.

I suppose it is simply a Darwinian universal truth; we all do what we have to do.

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Libby N. said...

Such beautiful pictures and I love your prose, as well.

Robert said...

Fascinating nature information from your home in the desert. I have never seen an organ pipe cactus in bloom. A beautiful post..... thank you.

Amber Norfolk said...

I enjoy your blog. This one makes me think about the cycle of nature.
Please keep me on your mailing list.

sf michel said...

very cool. now i understand a little bit more about why you are there. it is lovely. miss you.

riverrunner18 said...

Your pictures are awesome and I like to read your commentary.

Marco (polo) said...


David S. said...

Looking at your art work is such a pleasure. I really enjoy your blog posts. This one is especially wonderful. Good stuff!

Palul said...

An orgasm pipe cactus in her moment of receptivity!

Always a pleasure to see the beauty around you.