Best Use of a Car

From the Armory Show in NYC

Random Thoughts
from a winter weary explorer...

It is not snowy today and in NYC everybody is on foot.
A good thing; the cost of a gallon of cheap unleaded gasoline hovers somewhere around $3.55 in the eastern United States.
Now even my resistant husband admits that owning a crossover vehicle is the thing to do, given current economic conditions.
At least we own one.

I miss AZ.
But we have to drive there.
Tucson has grown into a pregnant Los Angeles.
Obscenity flourishes everywhere.

Took me seven hours to travel from Chicago to New York on an airplane.
Service from the airlines is at an all time low.
WiFi from Boingo doesn’t work.
No one cares.
Especially not the folks at Boingo.

Have seen many whole crunched cars and car parts in art over the past six or eight years. Sculpture/ recycling.
“Best use of materials”.
Thank heavens they don’t award blue ribbons at the Armory Show.

In the United States, we are numb.

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