Truly Unplugged
There isn’t enough electricity in our studio.
It is located in an old building in downtown Tucson Arizona, perhaps built around the turn of the twentieth century. In the back, there is an opening in the wall for a stove pipe.

Other than that, there is no other source of heat, if this description provides you with a clearer visual concept of the overall condition of the building and the amenities available to our art venture in this leased situation.

A small fuse box provides just enough juice to power the lights and perhaps a few little appliances, including a handful of laptops. Need to vacuum or run a space heater? Well, okay but you’ll want to unplug something else first, lest you face that now familiar occurrence; blowing a fuse!

In our visions and dreams for Griff, we had hoped to show lots video in this space, having a deep love of the medium ourselves. However there are no available functional outlets in the front exhibit area. And we would be glad to install some extra plug boxes, but alas the master fuse box, ancient contraption that it is, is already maxed out for simply running the basics.

For the time being, we will have to be content with sending out a recommendation for some beautiful online web work which may satisfy a craving for contemporary moving imagery.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art currently has some amazing offerings on its’ website and so we direct you there to satisfy that endless desire to see new moving images and for your viewing pleasure:
Matthew Richie
Eric Adigard / m.a.d. with (with Dave Thau)

Yael Kanarek

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